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Welcome to New Zealand Wine Co-Op

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Welcome and thanks for checking out New Zealand Wine Co-Op’s Vinetalk blog. Here we’ll share with you an insider’s view as to how our vineyards and wineries make amazing wine – from vine to vat to vintage. It’s been a hectic time getting everything ready for the big launch of the website but we’re stoked to open it and to bring the UK some award-winning wines direct from New Zealand’s boutique vineyards.

Image of a Central Otago vineyard bathed in sunshine

What’s the New Zealand Wine Co-Op all about?

New Zealand has more than its fair share of award winning vineyards and wineries – we are lucky! - all of which have some great stories to tell. We’ve brought together a select group of some of the finest who all have a passion for wine making. Through our blog we’ll share our passion, stories and knowledge with you and you’ll be able to follow our vintages. You’ll then be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour - our wine - from our website. Each of our vineyards and wineries is unique, they’re all doing it slightly different, they’re doing it “their” way. From a vinyard solely focused on producing the finest Pinot Noir, to an artisan vineyard lovingly hand crafting small batch wines, to a vineyard that has so much passion for wine that they wear it on their wine label, and more - they’ve all got one thing in common though, they all make award winning wine!

Image of people tending to the vines on a Central Otago vineyard

New Zealand wine in the UK

This special group of vineyards and wineries decided that they didn’t want to keep all the good stuff for the fine people of New Zealand but to share it with other wine loving enthusiasts and we couldn’t think of a better place to share our wine than with the people of the UK. We know how many wine lovers there are in the UK – we welcome many of them to our vineyards and wineries every day, the passion with which they talk about, and drink wine is something we understand. That’s why we wanted to share our wine with the people from the UK.

We want to bring the best award-winning wine straight to your door so that you can share your passion for wine with family and friends – all of our wines are sourced from vineyards and wineries whose owners have a true passion for wine, they will all tell you the same thing – wine tastes much better when it’s drank with friends.

Give it a try

Hopefully this gives you a little taste into the people and the passion behind New Zealand Wine Co-Op and we hope to take you on a journey of discovery both with our wines and also through our blogs, letting you know about the wine making process from planting to harvesting to drinking. Make sure you follow us on Facebook for all the latest news and check out our Instagram account to see where the wine you are drinking comes from.





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